Understand The Method And Connection with Dementia

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Understand the process and connection with dementia (DEM 301)

1 . 1 Describe a range of causes of dementia syndrome


Neurodegenerative disorders is a common cause of dementia which mean that the brain cells regarded at the neurons either are degenerating and so the neuron die off faster which will result in a more drop in the person mental health such as recollection, language and frequently their physical abilities all depending on which in turn area of the mental faculties are infected. Dementia affects the brain and the lack of function of the brain so that the things all of us normally take for granted, for example our ability to remember things (time, date, situations, to use dialect all of these points begin to vanish. Also you will discover more causes of dementia caused by depression, brain tumours, thyroid gland hormone, and head injuries. Some of these causes of dementia can be dementia –like conditions which might be treatable or non-progressive. These types of neurodegenerative diseases are known to us since Alzheimer's fronto temporal dementia, and Lewy bodies will be where after some time a build up of abnormal proteins deposits inside the brain trigger the steady change and damage to the neurons which will allow the shrinking of the brain.

1 . two Describe the kinds of memory impairment commonly experienced by individuals with dementia


Dementia is a variety of symptoms which includes memory reduction, personality change, and impaired intellectual functions resulting from disease or shock to the human brain. These alterations are not a part of normal ageing and are serious enough to impact daily living skills, freedom, and associations, while Alzheimer's disease is considered the most common form of dementia, in addition there are many other forms, including vascular and combined dementia. Common signs and symptoms of dementia can include:

Memory reduction

Impaired thinking

Difficulties with subjective thinking

Defective reasoning

Inappropriate behaviour

Damage or connection skills

Sweat to some place

Gait, motor and balance challenges

Neglect of private care and safety

Hallucinations, paranoia, turmoil.

The most common varieties of mental drop associated with aging are: Slower thinking and problem solving

Reduced attention and concentration

Slow recall

While the dementia progresses the ability to take care of themselves every day may also become affected.

1 ) 3 Clarify the way that individuals process info with reference to the abilities and limitations of individuals with dementia


The working of the human brain are very intricate, the human mental faculties are made up of about 100 billion dollars cells, primary these cellular material are called neurons. If the neurons is turned off is regenerating when it is started up it fires electrical urges along their body referred to as axon. Some people with dementia often mistake things, this might be very unpleasant for their family members or carers, but may be refered as as a natural aspect of all their memory reduction. An individual with dementia can be trying to interpret a world that no longer is practical to them that mainly because them brain is processing the info incorrectly. Someone with dementia may get care coming from a supplier who does not really maintain a good standard of continuity using their staff, to get a person with dementia it is crucial as they need to become familiar with the folks who look after them to gain trust and familiarity with their very own daily routine. Connection could not become structured correctly for anybody who triggers confusion and lack of understanding as they are not able to comprehend precisely what is expected of which. Infections, alter of medicine , change of environment, pain and pressure, social abilities, understanding and interaction levels may lower or change. However someone process the information in different ways therefore according to their skills will depend on their very own limitations because suffering with Dementia.

1 . some Explain how other factors may cause...



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