the causes that islam spread in 7&8 cen

п»їCharles Chang

Mr. Walker

Community History 9ABC

September 15, 2014

The issues Of For what reason Islam Propagate So Quickly

The main reasons of Islam spread thus quickly in the 7th and 8th 100 years are because of the Muslims had been unified with each other at the time, plus some nearby autorite, such as Byzantine became weakened as a result of battle and conditions, and also Muslims showed faith based tolerance for the non-Muslim persons. After Muhammad died in 632, Abu Bakr became the first caliph means the appropriately guided. For two years, this individual applied the jihad in order to pacify the revolt in the Islam universe. However , during the process of jihad, Abu Bakr and the subsequent three selected caliphs -Umar, Uthman, and Ali broadened the terrain to the east to the Indus River and also to the western through North Africa to Spain. That is how Islam began to spread. The Muslims were unified together since they had to achieve a particular religious aim. Ammianus Marcellinus, a Roman historian said that in 380 VOTRE before the go up of Islam the Arabic people were called Saracens. The Romans seemed down at them as well as said that their very own living style was just like the Nomadic people. During that time, the Saracens did not have any of the government corporations and even experienced no specific place to live (Document 1). However , this point of watch had been totally changed when Islam started to rise. Additionally, the Qur'an stated that folks who have published to the Goodness should pay attention to what the Our god commanded one to do, and you will probably go to the Paradisepoker when you perished. The The almighty commanded the Muslims to fight with the unbelievers, and he promised he would protect them and won each of the battles (Document 4). As a result, the sentences of Our god gave all of them courage to fight with others. For example , in 711, when the Muslims were going to battle Spain, the Arab ambassador said that as soon as they were seemed down by people around them, but now if perhaps they received the struggle, no one could looked down them and in addition if they will died, they will go to Heaven because they...



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