The Outsiders

" The publication that helps the most is the one that makes you think the most, and expands your understanding of existence and human nature. " My spouse and i am in total agreement with this affirmation. I believe that that the best books are those who expand your brain and show you about the facts of lifestyle. The estimate portrays that books are only significant in the event that they have manufactured you think. The book I read The Outsiders by S i9000. E. Hinton supports this kind of statement in lots of aspects. The book depicts a contemporary society where two dominant, other gangs prevail in a area that just isn't big enough for the both of them. The main persona, Ponyboy, his brothers, and friends are part of a gang known as the " greasers", due to their poor appearance and the greasy hair. The antagonist team is known as the " socs", a bad gang of rich kids whose concept of a good time is usually beating up greasers just like Ponyboy.

The town disapprovals both bande, but in particular the greasers. The greasers are disliked much more compared to the socs since they are poor and dirty. Even though the socs are actually even more serious than the greasers, they are " socially acceptable" due to their presence and cash. One evening the socs make pleasantly surprised attack on Ponyboy fantastic Johnny, and in self-defense Ashton kills a soc. They run to a close friends (Dallas) house. Dallas gives these people some money and tells them to go to an abandoned church out of town. And so they use a couple evenings there. Some day after going out to buy food they come back to the church to see that it is on fire. Ponyboy and Ashton went directly into save the children from the burning church. Johnny is captured inside. Based in dallas goes into preserve him. Then simply, the chapel collapses. They are really rushed towards the hospital. Ponyboy and Dallas are alright, but Ashton is severely injured. Ponyboy talks with one of the Socs and they both discuss about how they are fed up of fighting. Everyone should be equal. Later, the Greasers and Socs get into an enormous brawl, but in the final the Greasers win....



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