The Conflicting Methods of Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith: Who is primarily responsible for the fall of Umuofia? (Things Fall Apart simply by Chinua Achebe)

Christianity, in its entirety, is the major religion on the globe and continually seek changes everyday. In Chinua Achebes Things Fall Apart, Mr. Brownish and Mr. Smith try to be00 white missionaries who share that specific goal: to convert the natives of Umoufia in to Christianity. However , the tight and uncompromising methods of Mr. Smith conflicts with those of Mr. Brownish, who can become described as peaceful and peaceful. These opposing approaches take a part inside the chaos that emerges and understanding their very own roles in Igbo society can help readers determine who may be primarily responsible for the fall of Umoufia.

The faith based views in the Umuofians played a large role in the problem of Umuofia because faith is the foundation of their society; everything the Umuofians did was depending on their spiritual views. After quickly knowing that, Mr. Brown and Mr. Smith used many strategies to try to gain effect in the Umuofian clan also to replace the natives spiritual views using their own. As one of the first missionaries in Umuofia, Mr. Darkish realized that a frontal assault on the family would not succeed (166) and he propagate his Christian views within a peaceful and affable fashion. This helped bring him great respect through the people of the family. In fact , he was even offered a created elephant tusk, which was an indicator of great dignity and ranking (164). This gift signifies the villagers approval of him and perhaps of the Christian religion. Out of this position, having been able to open up a hospital and a school which brought many new turns; the understanding that those whom attended Mr. Browns college would discover how to read and write plus the distribution of generous presents of singlets and bath towels (166) fascinated many visitors to enroll in the school. In general, Mr. Brown uses his passive mind-set to convert the residents to Christianity. This is contrary to the stringent and uncompromising Mr. Jones, who roughly imposes his religion after the residents and permits no problem in the understanding...

Cited: chebe, Chinua. Items Fall Apart. Ny: Fawcett, 85.



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