Professor Quemada S Last Words


Quemada's Last


Eric Gamalinda

I am always about, but by no means seen.

My spouse and i am frequently avoided, nevertheless, you can't away run myself, for I will

come once your old and gray, or maybe even the particular

next day.

I will arise with cold adopt, and give you rest which has a

chilled kiss on your face.

I come in may kinds of emotional condition, weather it can

irony, like, laughter, or perhaps hate. My spouse and i am every person's finale fate.


Eric Gamalinda

Joshua T. Gamalinda is a poet, a fictionist and a great essayist. This individual took undergrad courses at the UST for three years as well as the UP for a semester. Having been a local many other for beautifully constructed wording of the UP ICW in 1983. In 1990, he went to The uk to represent the Philippines inside the Cambridge International Writers' Seminar and to enroll in the Hawthornden International Writers' Retreat in Scotland, 1991. he acquired a Rockefeller Foundation residency in Bellagio, Italy. This individual participated in the Japan Worldwide Cooperation Agency's Programme intended for the modern world. He currently works with the

Center intended for Investigative Journalism.

Gamalinda's poems are gathered

in Fireplace Poem/Rain Poem (1976) and

Lyrics Coming from a Dead Language (1991).

His stories had been gathered in

Peripheral Eyesight (1992). His first

story, Planet Dunes (1989), was set

throughout the turbulent Martial Law time. A

second novel, Confessions of a

Volcano (1990), was written after a

visit to The japanese, and explores the

distinctions between Philippine and

Western consciousness. Another

novel, The Empire of Memory (1992),

is set up against the momentous situations

before, during, and after the EDSA


Two of Gamalinda's poetry series won prizes in the

Trampolin. Ara Ces Prec gained in 85. He as well won Enchufe

awards intended for: Anatomy of any Passionate Derangement, a one-act

play in 1980, " Mourning and Weeping in this Valley of Tears, " a short story in 1988, and " The Unbearable Lightness of EDSA, " a great essay in 1990. His novel, Globe Waves received the

Nationwide Book Merit for fictional from the Manila Critics Ring in 1989.

Unlocking of Difficulties

 Provocative -- strong effect

• Encomiable – an argument or assertion seeming fair or possible

• Exasperatedly - significantly annoyed; out of persistence

• Senility - the physical and mental infirmity of retirement years

• Esoteric - designed for or likely to be understood by only hardly any people with a specialized expertise or curiosity

• Diaphanous -  light, delicate, and translucent

• Neologism - a newly coined phrase or phrase

• Obscurantism - opposition to the distributed of knowledge

• Macabre -- disturbing and horrifying because of involvement with or interpretation of fatality and injury

• Emanating - to send forth;  emit

A great angel from the Lord came out before Professor Artemio

Quemada one night with some extremely disturbing media: that coming from hereon this individual could use a word only once, after which it he would cease to remember what meant. In exchange for this he would write many of the most provocative essays in his period. The angel would then simply come back some day, when he got used up every one of the words

known to man, to transport the professor in to the realm beyond words.

Professor Quemada was naturally left without words. Forget the

which means of words? And little by little be ruined into stop

when that means ceases completely to be? The theory excited him

and seemed to him such as a good subject for a media thesis: Memory and the Escale of Meaning: Towards the Hidden Language: A great exploration in to the outer limit of talk.

" Is actually not possible, ” he finally told the angel, who have as most angels go was endowed with infinite endurance and patiently lay as the professor pondered his impending speechlessness. The angel

believed this was a plausible disagreement and figured articles, conjunctions, prepositions, etcetera would be not affected by the secret. But , this added, the rule put on all the comparative words in all other dialects living or dead worldwide.

" All right, ” Professor Quemada said, a little exasperatedly....



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