Swenson's BIS Record


September six 2013

Chua Tiang Choon, Keith

Professional Chairman

ABR Holdings Limited

Swensen's Cafe

41 Tampines Street ninety two

ABR Building, S528881


Dear Mister. Chua,

As per the discussions earlier, I i am pleased to confirm that Creative Ideas Consultants have gone throughout the current Business Information System of Swensen's. Although no significant change to the company Information Strategy is required, you want to propose the use of Electric Ordering System.

The accompanying report includes an extensive analysis of Swensen's as well as the Business Information System that Swensen's happens to be using.

I will be presenting the pitch in person when we meet up coming Wednesday, and i also will response any and all queries and concerns. Your thought is highly treasured.


Muhammad Zaki

Business Director

Crafting ideas Consultants

Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to introduce a system that may improve the Organization Information System of Swensen's. We now have proposed the creation of the Electric Ordering Program. Electronic Ordering refers to the sending and becoming of requests using a fresh electronic, automatic and protect way of shifting data between business companions. The electronic digital order is definitely exported in just about any file format through the internal after sales (ERP or perhaps accounting) system of the tv-sender and then is usually send by way of internet, both to a central web-based program ([email protected]) or directly to the receiver. This is certainly achieved by using a complete end-to-end service which provides the necessary control of the document in order to be transformed to the required receiver formatting which will enable an automated importing into the receiver's backend (ERP or accounting) system ([email protected]). (Electronic Requests – Impact. gr, 2013)

Table of Contents

Transmittal Letter1

Business Summary2

Stand of Content3

1 Introduction4

1 . one particular Goals and Objectives4

1 ) 2 Qualifications of Swensen's4

1 . a few Swensen's Company Mission and Vision4

1 ) 4 Values5

2 Analysis5

2 . 1 Porter's Five Forces Model5

2 . 1 ) 1 Threats of New Entrants6

2 . 1 ) 2 Negotiating Power Suppliers6

2 . 1 . 3 Negotiating Power of Buyers7

2 . 1 . 4 Risk of Substitutes7

2 . 1 . 5 Sector Competitors7

installment payments on your 2 Swensen's Competition8

installment payments on your 2 . one particular Competitive Advantages8

2 . a few Value Sequence Analysis9

2 . 3. you Inbound Logistics9

2 . a few. 2 Operations9

2 . a few. 3 Telephone Logistics10

installment payments on your 3. some Marketing and Sales10

2 . several. 5 Service10

2 . four Business Process11

2 . your five Proposed Organization Process12

three or more Recommendation13-14

4 Conclusion 12-15

5 Referrals 16

6th Appendices 18

7 Specific Reports seventeen

1 . Intro

The most basic necessity to maintain competitiveness in any companies are efficiency and customer service. With most companies at this point making sure they offer high level of customer service, we must go back to the basics and advantage out competitors with productivity. In order to amend, better the services level and also to attain a higher level00 of customer satisfaction, ordering systems are an essential application to optimize work circulation.

The Electronic digital Ordering Program allows the customers to run through the pictorial menu and buy their foodstuff without having to wait for the waiter to serve all of them. They can simply make their purchase as and when they really want during the go to. Mistakes once taking down the incorrect orders may be prevented as well. Most importantly, the machine can be built-in in a significant inconspicuous way into a regular restaurant mood, thus keeping a slow paced life for absolutely free themes.

The main advantages of the Electronic digital Ordering Program are:...



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