The operation effect of an organization generally depends on the habit of individuals within just it. It is essential for managers to have profound understanding about how exactly people react differently over time, in different circumstances, and with different people. Only if managers know what types of behavior make their employees work efficiently can they able to encourage or perhaps change the tendencies of staff. This helps enhance their contribution to the organization and then helps the organization operate even more fluently and effectively. Individual behavior at the office is inspired by many factors, including: Determination, Ability, Role Perception, and Situation (MARS model) as well as Individual features: Value, Character, Perception, Thoughts, Attitudes, and Stress.





and Results


Role Notion







_Figure eleven: _ _MARS_ _Model of Individual Tendencies at Work and Results_

As can be seen coming from figure 14 above, all of these factors are related to the other person and related to behavior of men and women. If one individual can synthesize all these elements, he/she will behave very well and get good consequence. In contrast, missing one of them can result in bad patterns and consequence. For example , you have ability to do your job punctually and effectively. However , you may not aware of your own role. You do not really know what you have to do or perhaps what your requirements are. Hence, your patterns would not always be appropriate. The performance of individual is assessed by simply two formulas:

Person back button Situation sama dengan Performance


Ability back button Motivation = Performance


Role Notion

When it comes to me, two elements which effect my actions most are _motivation_ and _personality_. As we all know, motivation is among the first things that have an effect on one's tendencies. It promotes and turbochargers my soul so that I could study and work harder with a great aim of obtaining the best consequence. Besides, individuality impacts in almost all of my own behavior, with studying and working nevertheless also inside my daily life.


_Motivation_ is a desire to acquire a goal, combined with energy to work towards that goal. In my case as being a student, motivation is the desire which promotes me to try my personal best to achieve highest marks.

_Figure doze: relationship between skills, path and motivation_

It can be rejected that motivation has afflicted on my behaviours a lot. While i was in secondary school, there was almost no exceptional reward for young students who performed well in their very own study and also other activities. Additionally , the environment of high school has not been competitive. There were not any tough competition between students because the rewards were undeserving to compete. Consequently , I found this unnecessary to dedicate completely of perseverance to my personal study. We felt sick and tired with studying and i also find study the most monotonous thing in the world. My spouse and i rarely traveled to library intended for studying. We still did all my groundwork but I had not study all of them carefully. Items have altered since My spouse and i started the college. I have been learning in an international environment exactly where students be competitive very firmly. The problem this is that scholarship for the most exceptional students is extremely high in fact it is worth striving. Everyone try the best in every assignment and examination and I am not really the exemption. My habit toward research has been transformed. For my personal part, research is not my accountability any more; it truly is more like a 'hobby'. Now I take the initiative in studying, reading more books to supplement towards the lectures. My spouse and i find it enthusiastic when thinking about the scholarship. It motivates myself to completely call up my capacity to do every job so that I could achieve the very best grade. This kind of encourages me whenever We intended to surrender. Obviously, my own result is superior to ever before and i also am so proud of that


_Personality_ is the total pattern of...



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