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The movie Smoke cigarettes Signal is known as a story that portrays how Native American really means. It is a film based on tale written by Sherman Alexie. Jones is the narrator of the history. It's just not a simple movie but it features meaning to it, which is the best thing about the movie. That shows the life span of Indians and how all their life was and what they had to deal with. The movie offers two main characters identity Victor and Thomas. Film production company starts with a residence that goes on fire and the man (Arnold Joseph) Victor's dad saves Jones and Victor from the open fire Victor the primary character plays the part of a typical American indian who has hatred towards his father pertaining to leaving him and his mom when he was little. This individual doesn't seem to like his father when he always remembers him tormenting his mother and himself. In the motion picture it's proven how Victor's father uses his fists on victor when he drops the beverage bottle inside the truck. His impression to his daddy is bad. Where as Jones seems more emotional and seems to just like victor's father as he retains telling victor how good man he was and always keeps informing him stories of his father acquiring him to Denny's when for breakfast. He seems to be an amusing character in the movie by his looks and the method he speaks.

After Victor hears about his dad's loss of life he chooses to go to Phoenix az to get his father's remains. But he terribly lack enough funds so Thomas offers him help in a single condition that he will be allowed to go with him too. That way Thomas will help him together with the money to get the travel and leisure and they head towards phoenix az by the tour bus. One thing I discovered about Victor was the this individual shows he can tough through out the movie and he has a belief that if he has to get respected by the white persons, he must be serious and become a warrior which he tells Jones to do too. When they reach to phoenix, the lady known as Suzy provides remains of Victor's daddy and tells him what type of good man his father was although at that stage victor continues to have the same impression he...



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