Sexual Response Cycle: Commonalities & Distinctions Between the People

Lovemaking Response Routine:

Similarities and Differences between your sexes

The sexual response cycle can be characterized by vasocongestion, swelling of the genital cells with bloodstream, and myotonia, muscle stress. Vasocongestion triggers erection in the penis and swelling with the clitoris, elocuencia, testes, nipples, and even the earlobes. Myotonia causes face grimaces, muscle spasms in the hands and toes, and finally, the spasms of orgasm. The first stage is called the excitement period. For men this kind of phase can be characterized by the erection from the penis, a thickening from the scrotal skin, and the enlargement and level of the testes. In women the clitoris and verborrea swell, the breasts enlarge, and vaginal lubrication is produced. Equally sexes encounter a slight flushing of the pores and skin, increased blood pressure and heart rate, and erection of the nipples. Next the entire body moves in the plateau phase when the degree of sexual excitement levels remains quite stable. Guys in this stage experience the augmentation and height of the examen and an increase in the circumference of the brain of the male organ; which can often take on a purplish shade caused by the blood trapped by swelling. A woman's clitoris shortens; withdrawing beneath the bonnet, and the penile muscles continue to contract in preparation to hold the penis. Inhaling speeds up and sounds more like panting, heart rate, and stress continue to rise in both men and women. During the orgasmic period in males consists of two stages; initial the bladder sphincter can be closed because semen gathers at the bottom of the penis, then a series of three to seven muscle spasm cause the semen to be propelled down the shaft and out of the head of his penis. For any woman the quantity of pelvic muscles contractions is usually between 3 and twelve to fifteen at peak with less strong contractions as the orgasmic pleasure ends. Stress peaks with heart rates up to one hundred and eighty beats each minute and inhaling and exhaling can increase to forty breaths per minute. Finally the entire body reached the resolution stage. Blood...

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