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THE BRIEFA set of students will be allocated a FTSE 95 company, in your first seminar of the device. Please choose your pairings prior to the initially seminar. Write a report to a medium risk investment trust company guidance them whether or not you would advise purchasing a substantial amount of equity from this company. The recommendation has to be based upon a reasoned evaluation of the pursuing factors: A really brief introduction to the companyThe share's Beta and total risk and return because calculated for the one year periodA comparison of this kind of share's total annual total risk and return with that of a gilt 2% Treasury Gilt 2016 bought on the third March 20011 at 96. 73 ( clean selling price ). The gilt is due to be redeemed on the 22nd January 2016. The risk and return of a portfolio of three equities containing the share and two others over a 12 months periodCritical appraisal of the weaknesses of the theoretical models you could have used to assess your investmentAn analysis of the future prospects in the share as well as the sector where the organisation is found and any other factors you would wish to contain to proof your conclusion. ConclusionWord length: 2000 wordsPlease note that a penalty of 10% of the final mark will be applied in the event the main body system of the survey exceeds 2150 wordsLearning Outcomes from AssignmentBy completion of this kind of assignment the students will be able to show: A critical knowledge of the assumptive structures of recent portfolio theory and how they relate to the investment decision production process. The ability to make use of a comprehensive variety of investment evaluation techniques in regards to a wide range of purchase vehiclesMarking CriteriaThe...



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