Rabindranath Tagore's freedom ideology


Tagore was a lover of human independence. Influenced by western liberalism, Tagore opined that independence of a country will provide enough scope to its citizens to express all their view freely. His idea on independence contained this things. Enlightenment of soul through self-realization:

Freedom provides opportunity to achieve enlightenment of soul. It is just because by simply pursuing a target in an ambiance of freedom, one could possibly get scope to appreciate one's self. That self-realization will enlighten the heart and soul and lighten it.

Politics freedom combined with spiritual freedom:

Tagore envisaged that politics freedom is definitely not liberty unless it is accompanied by psychic freedom. Spiritual freedom is a guiding pressure behind personal freedom. It will eventually show proper path to someone in recognizing his personal goal. Similar is also suitable in case of a nation also. Freedom, in accordance to Tagore, has a religious root. It includes freedom of expression and freedom of conscience. Hence, his notion of political flexibility was a spiritualized one like Gandhi, where the use of power will reduce the genuine demands in the people creating frustration inside their mind. His 'Geetanjali' displays his concept of freedom hence.

" Where the mind is definitely without fear,

And the head is held high;

Exactly where knowledge can be free;

Where the world will not be broken up.

In fragments simply by narrow domestic walls;

Dangerous Almighty in guiding the soul:

Tagore had superb faith in God. The spiritualism within just him prompted him to talk about that the Almighty guides the soul of a human being. He changes the civil mind of a man (or a race) and enlightens his soul. To him " The turning of the tyre of lot of money will force the United kingdom one day to stop their British empire. "

Thorough social and cultural progress:

Tagore viewed that flexibility will result in 'the complete social and cultural growth. For that expansion, he never accepted thinking about either the Moderates or Extremists. To him, the...



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