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Ms. Mulchan

• In poems the sound and

meaning of words are

combined to express

feelings, thoughts, and


• The poet decides words


• Poems is usually crafted

in lines.


Poetry Identified

Poetry is definitely literature in verse kind,

a managed arrangement of lines

and stanzas. Poetry use succinct,

musical, and emotionally billed

language to express multiple

levels of that means.

The word poetry is derived from

the Greek poiesis, meaning a

" making” or " creating. ” It is a

type of art through which language can be


Beautifully constructed wording Elements

Writers use many elements to create their

poems. These elements incorporate:







• Rhythm is the circulation of the

defeat in a poem.

• Gives poetry a musical truly feel.

• Could be fast or perhaps slow,

based on mood and

subject of poem.

• You can assess rhythm in

meter, simply by counting the beats

in each line.

• (See next two slides for

examples. )


Beat Example

The Pickety Wall by David McCord

The pickety wall

The pickety fence

Provide a riff it's

The pickety wall

Give it a lick really

A clickety fence

Provide a riff it's a lickety fence

Give it a riff

Give it a lick

Give it a riff

With a rickety stick





The rhythm through this poem can be fast –

to match the velocity of the adhere

striking the fence.


Rhythm Case in point

Where Will you be Now?

When the night begins to fall

As well as the sky starts to glow

Anyone looks up to see the high

City of lighting begin to grow –

In rows and little glowing squares

The lights emerge. First right here, then right now there

Behind the windowpanes as though

A million billion dollars bees acquired built

Their golden hives and honeycombs

Above you up.

The tempo in this poem is

gradual – to suit the night

lightly falling as well as the

lights little by little coming on.

Simply by Mary Britton Miller



Authors love to employ interesting noises in

their very own poems. In fact, poems are administered

to be observed. These appear devices consist of:






Vocally mimic eachother

• Rhymes are words and phrases that end

with the same sound. (Hat,

cat and bat vocally mimic eachother. )

• Rhyming appears don't have

to get spelled the same way.

(Cloud and allowed

rhyme. )

• Rhyme is among the most common

appear device in poetry.

on the lookout for

Rhyming Patterns

• Poets can choose from a

variety of different

rhyming patterns.

• (See next several slides intended for

examples. )

• AABB – lines 1 & 2 rhyme and

lines 3 & 4 vocally mimic eachother

• ABAB – lines 1 & 3 vocally mimic eachother and

lines 2 & 4 rhyme

• ABBA – lines 1 & 4 vocally mimic eachother and

lines 2 & 3 rhyme

• ABCB – lines 2 & 4 rhyme and

lines 1 & 3 do not rhyme


AABB Rhyming Pattern

First Snow

Snow makes whiteness where this falls.

The bushes look like popcorn tennis balls.

And places that I always perform,

Look like somewhere else today.

Simply by Marie Louise Allen


ABAB Rhyming Pattern

Oodles of Noodles

I enjoy noodles. Give me oodles.

Generate a mound up to the sunshine.

Noodles are my favorite foodles.

I consume noodles by the ton.

By Lucia and James M. Hymes, Junior.


ABBA Rhyming Routine

From " Bliss”

Let me fetch stays,

Let me get stones,

Toss me the bones,

Instruct me your tricks.

By simply Eleanor Farjeon


ABCB Rhyming Design

The Alligator

The alligator chased his tail

Which usually hit him in the snout;

He nibbled, gobbled, ingested it,

And turned correct inside-out.

by simply Mary Macdonald



• Repetition occurs the moment poets

duplicate words, key phrases, or lines

in a poem.

• Provides an impressive pattern.

• Increases beat.

• Fortifies feelings, suggestions and

feeling in a composition.

• (See next glide for example. )


Repetition Example


Some one tossed a pancake,

A buttery, buttery, pancake.

Someone tossed a pancake

And turned it up really at high level,

That now I realize the hot cake,

The buttery, buttery pancake,

Now I notice that pancake

Stuck against the skies.

by Sandra Liatsos

of sixteen


• Alliteration is a

repetition with the...



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