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Changing roles in the family sociology essay

Hints and tips on how I would8217;ve answered the A level sociology exam paper 2, 2017 (families and households section)2017 Independent thinker essay two changing roles in the family sociology essay questions and answersQuestion 04: Outline and explain two ways in which changing gender roles within the family may have affected children8217;s experience of childhood8230;For starters, identify two changes to gender roles 8211; three obvious ones to target include:the fact that both men and women now workThe fact that child care and parenting roles have changedthe citing apa style essay that there is greater equality in the domestic division of labourThen you simply need to link these to aspects of the experience of childhood:Toxic childhooddisappearance of childhoodbasic socialisationage of parentsfamily size (number of siblings)marriage and divorceYou could also criticise the extent to which things have actually changed!Question 05: Analyse two ways in which migration patterns may have affected family structures8230;I covered this in this recent blog post here8230;Question 06: Applying material from nets homework worksheet D, and your own knowledge, evaluate functionalist explanations of the role of the family in society (20)This really does changing roles in the family sociology essay appear to jamaican desserts essay a 10th grade essay prompts 8216;evaluate functionalism8217; essay 8211; all you need to do is a basic intro to functionalism, then your four standard points 8211; Murdoch, Parson8217;s functional fit theory, stabilisation of adult personalities and gender roles, then conclude.

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