Pablo Escobar


Living of the

planet's most dangerous outlaw

" Pablo Escobar”

Gianella Mejia

Language Arts Ms, pena

May possibly 31, 2012

Pablo emilio Escobar was among the world's the majority of wanted bad guys in the eighties. He was created december 1, 1949 in Antoquia, Republic of colombia to middle class father and mother and friends and family. Pablo's big brother, Roberto, said that Pablo was obviously a friendly, kind person who would have like as well achieve success in Republic of colombia. Pablo usually dreamed and planned to become president of Colombia. Unfortunately, Pablo began hanging out with an incorrect people in Medellin, which are small time hustling gangs. Pablo Criminal life started once we was still in school, their can be rumors of him taking tombstones from the local graveyards and sell those to panamanian smugglers. Later on, Pablo went to thieving cars to become really competent at that. Pablo then did start to build a name for himself in the Colombian criminal community. In the early on 1970s Pablo began to get large amounts of coca via bolivia and peru, which usually he then turned into cocaine. Then he sent all of that cocaine towards the United States. Pablo's buissnes began to grow a lot so in that case pablo chose to collaborate to criminal group's, which then made that the Medellin cartel. Fabio Restrepo the well known medication dealer, was then murdered in the 1975, which still left pablo the top of the cartel. His buddy roberto was always the main one handeling the accounts. Pablo was often attracted to younger chicks. When he was 26 years of age, he became adoringly obsessed with 12-15 year old Maria victoria henao vellejo, they then got married together two children called juan pablo and Manuela. Pablo's begun to grow a lot when we began kidnapping and assinations over time. In 1982 Escobar was elected...



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