On Work Training Survey

CHAPTER I actually


A. Background

The job teaching is a great obligatory subject for all seventh semester students in English language Department, Faculty of Letters and Great Arts. They need to fulfill 95 hours or about one month to do task training in the chosen establishment or company. The job training course is a task done by the students to obtain experiences in subjects inside the real function world. The task training which can be done by learners in a firm or a great institution ought to be the in line with the mainstream selected by the college student. There are 4 mainstreams in the English Department of Sebelas Maret School; they are translation, linguistic, materials and american Study. While the student of standard program of English Division, the article writer decides to offer the job learning Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) Solo. This place is definitely chosen because of some things to consider. The initially consideration is the fact RRI Single is an institution which has news division. One of the task descriptions of stories division is making media script, and broadcasting English news program, " Surakarta at a Glance”. In fact, this job description is completely related with the translation mainstream. Then, RRI Solo offers " English language for You”, which aired western music and The english language soft information. Being involved with producing means of " British for you”, it is predicted that the copy writer get celebration to apply theories of translation and The english language for jornalism learned through the study period for over half a dozen semesters.

M. Objectives

The objectives with the job training which was required for RRI Surakarta are 1 ) to increase the students knowledge

For the scholars who have zero knowledge about real fieldwork, this kind of job teaching is necessary to them pertaining to increasing the student's know-how and skills especially for the writer about fieldwork 2 . to get a new experience

Working in a genuine situation of fieldwork is pretty different with just learning the theory regarding work. Nevertheless , after the college students fulfill their very own job schooling; this program desires the students to have more activities in the genuine fieldwork. a few. to know deeply about the use of translation and journalism ideas We need a true activity for applying the theories that had been studied in class. Doing job training in a radio place, especially in producing news, is completely related to the theory of translation, journalism, and broadcasting.

C. Benefits

The task training program will probably be beneficial:

1 . For the writer:

a. to satisfy the requirement to move the Job Schooling Subject in the seventh term in the The english language Department Sebelas Maret Universities, Surakarta. b. to make the copy writer accustomed to the task field in broadcasting, translation and writing 2 . Pertaining to the alliance institution:

a. to create great relation within RRI and Sebelas Maret University. b. to help the employers to do their jobs, such as in translating and editing in making the book. 3. To get readers:

a. to provide information about Radio Republik Indonesia (RRI) b. to provide more studies in transmissions, translation and journalism. SECTION II


A. Description of Institution

1 . The History of RRI

Philippines State A radio station Station (RRI) is a point out of radio in Dalam negri established on September eleventh, 1945. RRI was established by eight commanders Hoso Khyakunya's. Hoso Khyakunya is the name of radio stop in Asia Colonial period which was situated in eight distinct places: Jakarta, Bandung, Purwokerto, Yogyakarta, Alone, Malang, Surabaya, and Semarang. The representative of eight radios agreed that Dr . Abdul Rahman Saleh's became the first key of RRI at that time. Not only did become communication media but also became media of struggle to gain Dalam negri independence. Indonesian nationalist physique aired propaganda trough RRI.

However , the radio station which is located in Solitary has its own history. Before called as RRI, the radio station...



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