The normalisation is actually a natural journey.

Helen Montessori noticed that when children are allowed independence in an environment suited to the requirements they bloom. After a period of intense attention and working together with materials that fully indulge their fascination children look like refreshed and contented. Through continued concentrated work that belongs to them choice children grow in inner discipline and peace. Your woman called this process " normalisation" and reported it while " the most crucial single consequence of our entire work. " (Maria Montessori, The Adsorbent Mind). �

She went on to write in her book, The Moisture resistant Mind:

Simply " normalised" children, assisted by their environment, show in their subsequent development those great powers that people describe: natural discipline, constant and completely happy work, cultural sentiments of help and sympathy for others. [... ] An interesting piece of work, openly chosen, containing the virtue of inducing concentration instead of fatigue, adds to the child's energies and mental capacities, and leads him to self-mastery. [... ] One is tempted to say that the children are carrying out spiritual exercises, having located the path of self-perfectionment and of ascent towards the inner height of the heart and soul. �

Her observation, especially on the spiritual dimension of normalized kids, is maintained other philosophers and teachers such as Pestalozzi (1746-1827), his student Froebel (1782-1852), and later Rudolph Steiner (1861-1925), every one of who had identical revolutionary thoughts about modern education. They were pioneers in the healthy education movements believing that education should contribute to the psychic development of children. Like Montessori, they seen the child as more than just a growing body and mind. They did find a spiritual sizing to man development too.

Pestalozzi's motto was " Learning by brain, hand and heart". His philosophy of education was based on a four-sphere concept of life and the premise that human nature was essentially very good. The initial three 'exterior' spheres: house and family members, vocational and individual self-determination, and state and region recognized the family, the utility of individuality, plus the applicability with the parent-child marriage to culture as a whole inside the development of a child's personality, attitude toward learning, and sense of duty. The last 'exterior' world, inner impression, posited that education offered a means of satisfying one's basic demands. The meaning of spiritual development here is different from faith based definitions. Additionally, it differs by ethics and moral development. It does, nevertheless , relate to philosophical thinking, especially as such thinking focuses on best questions about life.  �

The term " normalisation” was obviously a technical phrase that Montessori borrowed from the field of anthropology. In anthropology this kind of term is employed to determine the process of becoming a surrounding member of world. Montessori employed the term to tell apart one of the processes she discovered, or in respect to E. M. Browsing his publication Maria Montessori Her Your life and Function " stumbled upon, ” working with the children at San Lorenzo in Ancient rome. She employed the word normalisation so that persons would think that these qualities belonged to all children and were not simply something of a special handful of. Montessori as well defined the word " the absorbent mind” and this is key to normalisation taking place. Your woman realised that a baby comes into the world without terminology, and with few expertise other than their survival intuition. From birth to three years they use their particular senses (hands, eyes, hearing, nose, and mouth) to soak in everything that surrounds them. The child does this normally without thought or choice. Montessori referred to this period since the 'unconscious creation'; data that the child unconsciously absorbs from his surroundings in the early years. This information is utilized to construct and create him. Within a few short years a child can be walking, speaking, and in a position to feed...



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