Child Development

Reflection Papers

Assignment Specifications and Grading Standards

(NAEYC 1a, 1b, 2a, 4a, SS1; IPTS 2F, 1B, 1A, 8D; Gateways Core Articles Areas A2, F36, A3, A7, D23, D25, D22, G18, A4, E23, D22, G18, E41, A3, A4, A9, A14, B2, D21, G18, D22, G18, E1, E9)


The objective of this project is to explore various topics in early child years development. You can write four (4) separate papers, one particular for each topic.


After reading the articles or blog posts provided by your instructor, treat ONE theme in every of your paperwork: 1 . Reflection 1: Consider personal characteristics/traits you have. Reflect on which you believe have come from nature (inherited/genetic) and those that have been nurtured (environment/relationships). Examine these characteristics/traits when it comes to physical, sociable, emotional, intellectual and terminology development. Addresses how these types of characteristics effect your personal learning. (IPTS 1B; NAEYC 1b, SS1; Gateways A1, F36)

2 . Reflection 2: Consider cultural and gender variations and how children learn and perceive these differences. How can this information result how a teacher should get in touch with a child? (IPTS 1A; NAEYC 4a; Gateways A7, D23)

3. Representation 3: Reflect on your thoughts about how exactly students build knowledge and acquire new skills. Just how can this information affect a child learning a new skill? (IPTS 2F, NAEYC 1a, Gateways A3)

4. Reflection 4: Talk with a teacher about parent involvement in either an early childhood, general or midsection school placing. What rewards and concerns were recognized in your discussion? What approaches can you identify to support building family interactions? (IPTS 8D, NAEYC 2a; Gateways D25)

Your opinions and personal thoughts should be included. Provide evidence of your article examining to support your interpretations. Display a thorough comprehension of the above matters. Apply these kinds of ideas to your very own experiences.

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