My Sons on Death Row

" A TV stop in Bay area claimed the justification to show the delivery of twice killer Robert Harris". America has two sides of people, the justifying and the sympathizing. The justifying side really wants to see the villains get their abuse with fatality penalty, and the sympathizing area wants to take away death fees. So what will do a mother have to say about this subject with two sons about death row?

Jacqueline Lows have two sons who also both ended up being on fatality row up coming to each other. Although how can both her sons end up within the death row? As Jacqueline explains her kids and she had been victims of any bad spouse and daddy, who employed violence within the family. As time passes Jacqueline walked out on him, but the kids never really realized their dad. When Ernest (the oldest son) got older selection his individual business and everything seemed good for him, he had fast cars and a lot of money. Nevertheless one day he was arrested and sentenced to death because of a contract eliminate. So what hard disks a man to perform a contract eliminate when everything is going perfectly? In my opinion this goes back to his years as a child. Losing the father because he was a great asshole and not loved you scars you for life. And so maybe he wanted some sort of justice simply by killing Jerry Harris who had been a uneven bank standard. Or maybe the childhood trend had accumulated and when he got the chance or justification to eliminate someone he did. The other son Bobby a new rough amount of time in school, he wasn't while clever or perhaps good looking because his older brother. He tried to do his own organization but applied the gained money upon booze. Afterwards he move married together with his girlfriend Nicole, but following your marriage he started doing medications and considers went crazy. He found out that Nicole had an affair and in a jealous trend he murdered her looking at his two kids. Why did Bobby end that way? Losing his brother and father by a very early age, could mean that he didn't include anyone to appearance upon and mirror himself in. Eradicating his wife was a great act of jealous nonetheless it could also be due to what the...



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