Municipal War, Lincoln, Reconstruction STUDY GUIDE

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Directions: Answer each of the pursuing questions over a separate piece of paper. You do not have to resolve in total sentences, nevertheless, you MUST answer what every question demands fully. 1 ) Define separation.

installment payments on your What were the three principal reasons the Southern states left the Union? several. Which eleven states seceded from the United states of america?

4. From the slave claims that continued to be in the Union, which two were most ‘pro-secession'? 5. What did the Missouri Bargain establish?

6. What action undid the Missouri Bargain? Who developed this brilliant thought? 7. For what reason would the Kansas-Nebraska Work cause conflict?

almost eight. Why did great migrations to Kansas and Nebraska occur following the Kansas-Nebraska Take action passed? What were the goals of these on-the-move Us citizens? 9. Who were the ‘Jayhawks' and who were the ‘Border Ruffians'? 12. What senator was bombarded and almost beaten to death inside the events of Bleeding Kansas? 11. Who had been John Brownish? How would he feel about slavery?

12. Define proxy war.

13. Why performed Lincoln's relatives ‘squat' after their proceed to Indiana? 14. How would Lincoln's stepmother influence his life?

12-15. How did Lincoln gain the nickname, ‘The Train Splitter'? 18. How do Lincoln develop his popular story-telling and interpersonal expertise? 17. Just how did William Herndon identify Lincoln and who was William Herndon? 18. Who was Lincoln's wife?

nineteen. What personal occurrence pushed Lincoln back in national politics in 1854? twenty. What Substantial Court Circumstance ruled black people had no inherent rights? How did Lincoln subsequently react to the case? 21. When Lincoln explained, " A home divided against itself cannot stand. ”, to what was he referring? 22. Who was Lincoln's personal rival from Illinois?

23. How, in terms of cause and effect, are the election of Lincoln and The southern part of secession connected? 24. The fact that was the official begin date of...



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