Mermaid Common myths, Asia and Europe


This kind of research essay is about myths and tales with the give attention to mermaids. We chose to the actual essay about myths and legends since we were already interested in the topic, even before we knew that individuals could create an essay about it. All of us saw this kind of as an opportunity to learn more about the topic we wanted to find out more of. We decided rather quick to adopt this subject but we both knew the fact that topic will be too broad so we all decided to designate the topic. At some point we chose to focus on the Asian and European ethnicities. But then all of us felt that the wasn't quite right so we came up with a second theme: mermaids. We all decided which the main problem would be: " What is the between Cookware and Western mythology while using focus on mermaids? ”

Through this essay we hope to answer the key question as good as we can. With help of the sub-questions we all wrote the final outcome and we desire that the essay turns out right and is enjoyable to read.

What is mythology?

The phrase mythology

The term mythology actually means the telling of stories in Greek. The definition of mythology can mean two things. The first refers to study regarding myths plus the second meaning is that mythology is a physique of common myths. The first definition comes with comparative mythology, which is the study of connections between myths via different nationalities. Greek mythology is portion of the second definition whereas this is a part of the body from ancient Greece. The phrase myth by itself is used in another way. In the research of folklore which is a study of tales, music, dental history, comedies, popular philosophy, fairy stories proverbs and customs which might be the customs of a certain lifestyle, subculture or perhaps group the term myth means a holy narrative about how exactly humans came into existence and how they came to their very own present kind. A larger definition of the word myth is the fact it is a story that occurs in an imagined, remote, timeless past in which it tells the origin of humans although also pets or animals and the great. But how a word fantasy is used is different over people and scholars, but in the wide context in the word it indicates a traditional story. &

Different geological regions

Common myths are popular around the world, they can be very different above some areas, so essential the mythology area is divided in six physical regions. You will find the Africa place which is the entire African continent. Second is a Americas which is the whole American continent. Asia which is only the Asian area. Then there is Europe which will consists of the European countries such as Norse, Celtic and Traditional mythology. The fifth is definitely the Middle East which generally consists of the shores of the Mediterranean sea. The past is Oceania which is a ordinaire name of almost all the islands of the Pacific Ocean.


Typical characteristics in myths will be that the primary characters happen to be humans, gods and supernatural heroes. Common myths are divided in two categories in many societies, the foremost is that the misconception is " a true story” the second is " a false story”. But a myth is mainly seen as a accurate account which will happened inside the remote past. Myths often take place in the time when the universe was not but in its current form. These kinds of myths generally explain the way the world started to be as it is at this point and with this how the costumes, corporations and taboos of many cultures where established. Misconceptions as almost holy stories frequently have priests and rulers in them that happen to be closely linked to religion or perhaps spirituality.

Theories about the origin of myths

You will find four main theories about how exactly myths has been around since. The first theory is definitely Euhemerism, named after the mythologist Euhemerus whom lived in Historical Greece inside the 4th hundred years before Christ. He mentioned that myths are distorted accounts of historic incidents that really occurred. The theory claims that the story of the celebration was advised over and over so they really became unbalanced so the figures in these stories were given the status of gods. Eventually the...



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