Lorenzo's Petrol

Lorenzo's Essential oil Essay

The film is based on the true history of Augusto and Michaela Odone and their son Lorenzo. In 1984 Lorenzo came up down with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a rare passed down disease. Doctors said that he would lose most his capabilities and die within two to three years. Declining to accept this grim judgement, the Odones set out over a mission to discover a treatment for ALD and save the youngster. In their pursuit of a treatment the Odones often clashed with doctors, experts, and organizations, who were questioning that anything at all could be performed about ALD. Their persistent struggle examined the limitations of conventional medicine.

The Odones haunted medical libraries, examined countless pet experiments, badgered researchers, questioned top doctors all over the world, and persisted until a solution arrived at them in a second of motivation. They entrusted a special sort of oil coming from a British firm, which normalized the accumulation of long chain fatty acids in the head, the trademark of ALD.

The film ends on a positive notice, showing a number of healthy kids who, having followed a course of treatment with Lorenzo's Petrol, remained symptom-free. The conclusion pertains that Lorenzo can speak again with a modified sign language, and that Augusto Odone was awarded an honorary Ph. G. for his pioneering work in researching and discovering an important treatment intended for ALD.

ALD is an inherited hereditary disorder linked to the X sexual chromosome. As a result of way innate inheritance performs, only males have the most severe form of ALD. The disorder leaves the body unable to breakdown big fat molecules. Recent research shows that this really is most likely as a result of a carrier proteins that does not work properly and carry the fat molecules to where they can be divided. Some symptoms shown in the movie Lorenzo's Oil were hyperactive, awkward, audio difficulty, and seizures. Adrenal function must be examined periodically in every patients with ALD. Treatment with well known adrenal...



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