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Article: CCTV to place Singapore's Leadership into 10-parter Documentary I came across an article just lately on how China's State Broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) is in Singapore to film a 10-part documentary in Singapore's type of governance. This article reported about how the series, endorsed simply by China Vice Premier Xi Jinping, aims to provide having a blueprint for China's newly arriving administration. Mister Xi has also mentioned about his popularity of how Singapore maintains a one-party dominant system in a productive and secure society inside the article. Although reading through this article, few interesting thoughts came into my mind and I would like to share my own thoughts and opinions below. Firstly, being a Singaporean, I believe proud and flattered. Singapore is after all a small region but we certainly have the larger countries and in this case the largest country, China, coming forward to communicate their appreciation and aspire to learn from each of our leaders how our country was ruled and work. The very fact that the series was endorsed by simply China's intended leader-in-succession, Xi Jinping, shows that Singapore has not only succeeded in marketing the nation as being a role unit in governance internationally, it also proves that with the limited resources and time, Singapore is also an economy framework worth learning from. Secondly, I feel that the whole saga regarding China learning from Singapore is somewhat overrated and overstated. As mentioned in the last paragraph, Singapore is all things considered a small region whereas China is a huge nation. The political and economic system framework in Singapore could just be suitable simply for a small country like Singapore and it could just not lift weights in enormous countries like China. Certainly I will not deny or perhaps retain virtually any credits our forefathers as well as the government has done a pretty good-job of getting Singapore to in which we are right now, but Singapore is a tiny country with tiny populace and truthfully, small figures...



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