Notes from a class on Ericsson and Abundant

Stephanie Ericsson—" Many ways We Lie”

Ericsson is exploring the different types of resting in a straightforward manner from this essay, which makes this essay the easier of the two to know. At the bottom in the first site, Ericsson creates about the consequences of telling the truth and how undesirable and agonizing the truth could be. In her essay, Ericsson classifies the different kinds of is situated, from the the majority of benign to the most dangerous. She commences with the most usual and socially acceptable, the white lie, and then explores other ways of avoiding the facts. See which usually lies you identify with and which ones you are feeling are the most damaging to the self while others.

Adrienne Rich—" Women and Exclusive chance: Some Notes on Lying”

The Rich essay certainly is the more difficult from the two because it incorporates ideas from women's and male or female studies and explores what it means to be female and a lesbian in 1970's America, as far as they will relate to resting in terms of social expectations and gender stereotypes. Lying can be explored in a much more abstract way below, and much of Rich's article, as she actually is a popular feminist copy writer and saphic girls advocate, is definitely provocative in that she makes powerful declarations intended to create a strong response in the reader, whether the reader strongly wants or disagrees with her statements about women's sexuality and sexuality roles. The lady wants to induce the reader in seeing the lesbian experience in a several light, although like Ericsson, she is likewise interested in investigating lying generally beyond gender, as a universal human experience so that almost all readers may relate to her essay. Do you feel you may relate to her essay? Which will parts came you in? On page 413, Rich publishes articles, " To discover that one have been lied to in a personal relationship…leads someone to feel a little crazy” (413). She comes back to the horrifying universal associated with being lied to you to at the conclusion of her essay: " When we find that someone we all trusted can be trusted no ...



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