Leadership in Nursing: Interview

Rebecca D'Agostino-Bailey

Command in Nursing

Professor Glenna Lou Nelson

November 21 years old, 2006

Management Interview: Deb Towns

N Towns may be the nurse administrator of the heart rehabilitation program at Memorial Medical Center. She's an R. N. in whose leadership situation is unique because she also created the program she is in charge of. N had a vision and employed her command skills to determine that eyesight become a reality.

The cardiac treatment program started out because there was obviously a need. One of the qualitites in an effective head is the capacity to recognize a purpose and do something to make that want met. N began her nursing profession after graduating from West Shoreline Community University by doing work briefly in Grand Rapids before settling at MMC in the mid-eighties. She worked as a great R. In.. In a variety of adjustments including Med/Surg and CCU. While employed in these capabilities Dr . Persson approached her a number of occasions about the necessity to have a rehab software for heart patients. This kind of patient populace was not being served locally. Deb will agree with him, saying " Yes, it would be nice to get a rehab software, " and that would be it. After that in 1990 Deb's initial child was developed. At the same time the CCU needed a manager and Deb was filling in as an interim pertaining to the office. This position a new very strenuous schedule that included week-ends, being available, and revolving shifts. A healthcare facility was not actively interviewing for any CCU manager and what was supposed to be a great interim situation now would not have a foreseeable end. With a infant at home, N needed even more flexibility in her time-table. This was the turning point that spurned Deb to take action in order to meet the demands that were prior to her.

The answer to Deb's personal issue took the shape of creating a cardiac rehab program. N could see that working in this specialty gives her the family-friendly schedule she wanted. She had taken the project to way Dr . Persson to see if having been still considering having a...



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