Hsm Final

Last Project Review and Timeline

Final Job Overview

The final project pertaining to HSM 260 is a compilation of various economic aspects of a non-profit firm.

Not for profit Organization Account

In 2k, XYZ Corporation was included as a 501(c)3 non-profit inside the state of Texas. The organization's mission is to provide psychiatric therapy for occupants of El Paso County. XYZ receives funding from the state government on an annual basis to provide solutions to those regarded to be clinically indigent—that is, those residents who have an income less than 150% of the low income level, based on federal lower income guidelines. Individuals are required to pay out a fee, which is often as low as $20. 00 per visit, depending on their salary. XYZ utilizes a staff of four licensed pros. As a result of the demand for the service and a clear will need in the region, XYZ received additional financing in late the year 2003 to open a satellite business office. Review the financial transactions for XYZ Corporation in Appendix M.

Calculate the next: Current rate, long-term solvency ratio, contribution ratio, programs/expense ratio, basic and management/expense ratio, fund-raising/expense ratio, and revenue/expense rate for the years 2003 and 2004.

Give a 200- to 300-word reason of the significance of each proportion for all three years listed in Appendix D. Include a statement about whether or not the organization's financial picture has better within the three-year period specified in Appendix D.

Determine the fixed costs, changing costs, and break-even level for the XYZ Firm listed in Appendix D.



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