Mr. Zontek

June 7th, 2013


The Ladies Civil Conflict

" We hold these kinds of truths to become self-evident, that most men are created equal, that they are endowed by way of a Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Freedom, and the Quest for Happiness” (U. S. 1776). The Statement of Self-reliance became the foundation for America's new beginning, yet 12 words within a conflict occurs. First off, Howard Zinn shows a tolerante point of view inside the People's History of The United States, rendering details throughout the eyes in the common people rather than the political prestige. Larry Schweikart and Eileen Allen's The Patriot's Good The United States shows a conservative point of view and a counter-part to Howard Zinn's publication, showing specifics through politics upper class. None of the ebooks go specific with the important issue of women's rights, but go lightly above the subject. Second of all, Howard Zinn elaborates upon what Columbus found the moment encountering the Indians, such as the roles of women and their daily life, stating " Women had been important and respected in Iroquois society” (Pg. 20). Lewis Schweikart & Michael Allen also begins with Columbus, but heads into the Roanoke Island Colonies. The significance of Roanoke Island becomes obvious when S& A brings up the introduction of settlers in 1587, Larry Schweikart & Michael Allen states " Settlers received share in Raleigh's company, which attracted 133 men and 17 girls that set sail upon three ships” (Pg. 14). Only 18 women were sent more than during this time, demonstrating that women had been needed, although on a small-scale at this time. Howard Zinn delivers better details about the women as they gives an emotional connection between the women and the people, while Larry Schweikart & Michael Allen simply offer statistics and they are pointing to the fact that people acquired settled at the Roanoke Area Colonies. Subsequent, settlers efficiently became set up at Jamestown in 1607, leading to issues such co-existence...



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