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п»їPersonal Ethics Representation Paper


Honest theories and principles help the medical community make ethical decisions in difficult conditions. However , everyone has a diverse set of honnete they abide by, including the various ethical ideas and guidelines. In this paper, I will talk about what ideas I agree and disagree with concerning my personal moral platform, along with explaining what principles I do think are most crucial. Theories Lined up with Personal Moral Platform

I believe Kantian ethics best describes the foundation of my own moral structure. According to Pence (2011), Kantianism is a person's duty to act morally correct, regardless of consequences. Sadly, I have built decisions depending on the outcome of situations in the past. For instance, after i was a child, I lied to you to my mother regarding where I road my own bike since I did not would like to get in trouble. Due to my anxiety about punishment or perhaps making my personal mother furious, I travelled against the things i knew being right and lied to her. Here, my emotions reigned over over my ethical decision-making skills because of a consequence. As I have matured over the years, I possess realized that my own ethical platform should be the foundation all my actions, not my personal emotions, that can come and go along with the wind. If I let my personal emotions secret over me, then I may have no basis to stand on, consequently making a large number of poor decisions. Additionally , Pence goes on to admit acting off of what seems right or perhaps what is preferred by world goes against Kantianism (2011). I agree with this as well because each of our society is a very dark, damaging place in the event everyone served off of fleeting ideals instead of their own moral guidelines. For instance , the probe I keep myself to keep me by trying to live up to what the dark part of contemporary society thinks is definitely acceptable, just like having sexual relationships with different partners. Furthermore, categorical imperatives are checks used to decide whether a task...

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