Scharf Schaffner and Marx: industry for Individually Ticketed Suits

Hart, Schaffner and Marx:

The Market to get Separately Ticketed Suits

1 .

Perceptual Map

High Versatility1

5. Low-quality sets apart

* Premium quality separates

High end (Price)

Low-End (Price)

2. Traditional suits2

Low Versatility1

1Versatility refers to to be able to mix-and-match products after the order. 2Traditional fits have low versatility as they are expected to end up being worn as a ‘whole' fit (or uniform).

2 . The traditional match (TS) consumer is different compared to the target customer for premium quality separates (HQS), as they have got distinct preferences and show different tendencies. Firstly, the TS client will require product sales assistance, as the target buyer for HQS will want to shop simply by self-service. Second, the TS customer loves to plan his purchase, as the target consumer for HQS will most likely produce his obtain spontaneously. Thirdly, the target buyer for HQS prefers versatility in the form of deciding on and customizing his personal suit, as the TS consumer does not head purchasing the prescribed design of a business fit. Finally, the TS client puts bigger emphasis on reaching the ‘executive look' when they spend money, while the goal customer intended for HQS targets comfort and ease of purchase. several. With regards to promoting and promoting techniques, good quality separates (HQS) will offer a good fit with Jaymar Ruby (JR). As the Jaymar buyer is already a quality-slack (or separates) buyer, encouraging him to purchase additional quality sets apart would be significantly easier. Hence, selling HQS in JR will apparently be a great expansion of the product line since JR already has a head-start in selling ‘separates'. In addition , the aggressive marketing strategies of JUNIOR would be placed in good employ when launching this new section of products in the market. Nevertheless , it is worth noting that the quality of garments in JR seems to be in conflict with HQS, as JR's garments will be classified because 1 help to make (Exhibit 4), which...



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