Circle of Life

George, Amanda


July 30, 2013

Kenneth Ron

The Group of friends of Life

In the year of 1994, Disney produced a movie and offered it for the world and immediately it became a classic for any ages. That movie is called The Lion King. The Lion Full is based away a young cub named Simba that are unable to wait till this individual takes his father's place as full. In the midst of what could be considered a great adventure Simba was fooled into believing that this individual killed his father. With much guilt Simba works away from home simply to come back some years later on and take those place that was guaranteed to him as a cub. The idea of a circle comes to mind when one particular speaks with this movie, a circle that focuses on your life. The Big cat King shows a perspective that can be tied to religion and nature. Each perspective talks on lifestyle and how every inch and detail of computer can affect all of us and how " …the Power of the World always works in circles... ” A Indigenous American named Black Elk, Oglala Sioux Holy Man stated that life is a cycle and he introduces the idea of the " Circle of Life”. With Dark-colored Elk as being a Native American his worldview is based off his heritage. It is very unusual that someone who is born to a certain race believes in something different than what their very own family or their community believes. Black Elk perceives life as a circle and in a offer he analyzes life towards the things of nature. People that see mother nature as living beings are animism. Animism is mostly Natives or Europeans who have visited America. Consider that trees, rocks, the sun, the water, and animals possess souls and that the power that character has can either help or harm the people. In Dark-colored Elk's quote he truly does compare existence to character but this individual does it within a circular approach. As talked about before Native Americans are mostly heathenism and they depend on nature to aid or harm them, Black Elk's quote relies on characteristics but for a few reason he could be fascinated with sectors or objects moving in a circular movement. He starts off with...



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