God Molecule


Posted by nikcolepeters on January 6th, 2012 · Leave a Comment The answer is truly in the question.  The God Molecule, or Higgs Boson since it is scientifically labeled, is a theoretical particle which physicists believe that gives atomic particles, and thus everything else, mass.  Physicists throughout the world are conducting experiments in an attempt to prove it can existence.  Right now, no person knows how come particles acquire mass, and that is a gap that has existed in the regular model intended for 50 years. Almost 50 years ago several sets of physicists, which include Peter Higgs, separately created the challenging idea of how particles acquire mass. A field, now is aware as the Higgs Discipline, is thought to interact with the Higgs boson. It is through this interaction in which particles are believed to acquire mass. This is sort of important as without this interaction technology can't effectively explain so why the galaxy is what it really is. And as explained in a conjonction paper coming from CERN, " The world would be a completely different place…. not a typical matter as we know it, no chemistry, simply no biology, without people”. So science shall hunt for the Higgs boson as it fills a opening and helps reinforce the standard style for molecule physics. It is going to show that physicists take the right track. The answer, when it is proven accurate will finally tell physicists why contaminants have mass.  Which will tells all of them why these types of particles get together to create atoms, which in turn creates matter. HOW IS THE GOODNESS PARTICLE FOUND?

Placed by nikcolepeters on January 6, 2012 · Leave a Comment In very simple conditions, physicists have to break products to find stuff. They arrive at use the scientific principles of a 2 yr old toddler and smash things together to determine what comes off….. albeit in a much more controlled environment. Particle physicists have an enjoyable job. Sure they are coping with some very heady principles, and therefore are trying to show what continues to be postulated after years of thought experiments and enough mathematics to make an intelligent person move insane, yet ultimately they are trying to break things to find the smallest parts that they can. They use real big tools to obtain too. Essentially the most well known is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) constructed at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland (well part of it truly is in England as well) is a great underground diamond ring measuring 17 miles in circumference.  It's designed to consider two opposing beams of particles, increase the speed of them to just below the speed of light and smash them into each other. These collisions, though small , are incredibly powerful.  The explosions happen to be aimed to occur within very large detectors that try to catch the evidence of subatomic molecule, which decay very quickly. As you might imagine these are generally not experiments that can be carried out inside university or college labs due to the size of the tools and the price to operate all of them. Consider which the entire 17 mile ring is lined with extremely expensive super performing magnets every kept simply above intense cold, and the strength needed to speed up the beams to nearby the speed of light, these are not checks to be done on a small budget.  The LHC had a construction budget of over six billion euros, which makes it one of the expensive equipment ever built. So applying these big expensive machines, top molecule physicists break stuff in the hopes that what falls out can be identified to help make clear the inquiries of the galaxy. Simple and heady. -------------------------------------------------

Higgs boson

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" The almighty particle" diverts here. Intended for the book, seeВ The The almighty Particle (book). Higgs boson

One likely signature of the Higgs boson from a simulatedВ proton-protonВ collision. This decays nearly immediately in to two jets ofВ hadronsВ and twoВ electrons, visible because lines. | Composition| General particle

Statistics| Bosonic

Status| Hypothetical

Symbol| H0

Theorized| F. Englert, В R. Brout, В P. Higgs, G. S. Guralnik, В C. R. Hagen, andВ T. W. B....



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