Consuming Under Age

Drinking under grow older is a major problem now in days with teens with this problem. That feel that it will help these people deal with their very own problems home but what we all don't know it could actually make anything way a whole lot worse than what this already is definitely. This is my own experience upon why I believed it would help and what it actually happen and how it really gave me even more problems than I currently have and what I learn.

All this started on this past weekend on a Weekend me and a friend whet to a concert on base. I recently been having a lot on my head with stuff back home with my child's mom and how I needed to find out if the other baby was my very own or certainly not. I was not thinking straight I achieved some people in the concert and they offered us a beer I had not drank just before I had a lot on my brain I thought it might me a great idea to have a number of drinks oh was I actually wrong Some know how fast you can lose control how one moment u are in total control of what u performing and the next thing u understand u do not know what was occurring. That is precisely what happen to myself I dropped control I used to be not me personally no more I realize this was not a good option at all so I told my buddy that we will need to head back to the room and sleep that off so we would there are some parts that I don't remember that is among the worst emotions ever not so sure what happen the next day producing a complete rear end out of yourself performing like a complete retard We hate that feeling I am a person that hates all those kind of points I was brought up better than that I know better nevertheless sometimes you choose one poor decision that is certainly all it requires to lose control over the whole circumstance in my experience I added a whole lot of more stuff to my list of problems I had to face my loved ones and inform them what I had did they can be so disappointed on me personally because of all the stuff we when ever though with my father my friend knows your woman raised me personally better than that and she by no means expected myself to do this type of thing I think the worst factor than producing a complete bum out of my do it yourself is ability to hear the...



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