Down sides of Take out

Tanvir Chowdhury

English 28

9: 35-11: 00

Dr . Gill

Drawbacks of Fast Foods

Time is money. This is the new buzzword today. People are at this point spending additional time by running after money after that spending time on their daily activities. No surprise fast food is definitely on the rise. May possibly people don't understand that junk food is a slower death. It has many drawbacks, as it is harmful, expensive to result in many disorders. Even though, junk food is the most effective way to feed each of our hunger, it is not healthy at all. It is full of saturated and unsaturated excess fat. Moreover, this can be a major source of calories and most of these unhealthy calories are by fat. Unsaturated fats are excellent fat. This means someone can burn this fat overtime, however, through physical exercise. On the other side, unhealthy fats are poor fat which in turn cannot be burned and live in our body. Chocolate bars, deep fried chicken and other fried foods are difficulties source of trans fats. Furthermore, it is a primary reason behind persons getting over fat these days. Fast food is full of salt. If we go through the nutrients facts on one of our favorite take out, we will see the best percentage of sodium in it. Moreover, sugar is among the major substances of take out. Desserts like apple curry and apple with caramel at MacDonald's, ice cream and so forth Next, take out is not really prepared within a sanitary way. From lurking behind the counter we simply cannot say in case the food was washed prior to being prepared, or if the personnel washed their hands. Even though someone who really loves fast food will say, they use safety gloves, but we all cannot stop them from coughing within the food. Also, may be if they are sick, their particular bacteria will probably be transferred on the food as well. Moreover, the kitchens in the fast food eating places are like a half clean trash can easily. Once one of the KFC restaurant had many rats. Furthermore, the type of meats used for take out is really low. Also occasionally, some eating places use a dull meat that may be terrible. We should not...



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