Difference between parties

What is the Difference between Politicians?

Republicans are thought to be to the right side of the poltitical spectrum and Democrats are considered to be to the left. The right side is generally pro-religion, anti-bureaucracy, pro-military, pro-business and pro-personal responsibility. All the way to the far remaining of the spectrum are the severe liberals also known as extreme Democrats. Republicans see government since wasteful and an barrier to getting points done. Republicans are usually the rich people who think they are better than all others if you question me. Their particular approach is usually that the strong will make it through or the cream rises towards the top. They think that the weakened people are Democrats so that they can obtain handouts from your government. We totally differ with that. I feel that Democrats will be more educated and open-minded about things. Democrats are not snotty and think their are better than everyone. A whole lot of Democrats come from around urban areas and still have more exposures to the actuality of lifestyle. Democrats happen to be smart enough to know that individuals don't usually make the greatest decisions for themselves or society. They experience there needs to be more regulation. Democrats want a more organised government. I do believe that we do need a more organised government. Each of our government moved down hillside over the past few years.

Republicans declare Democrats want to increase taxation in order to pay money for wasteful cultural programs. That stuff seriously the applications our funds is going to helps our community. Republicans would rather send cash to churches and charities and let these people help the areas. I feel that is definitely the governments task to deal with the cash and who it gets dispursed to. Obviously they can be not performing a good job with that right now, but I think Obama will grab the slack and do something about it.

The Justice Caucus. 3 years ago. The Difference

Between Democrats and Repblicans.

12 March 2009..



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