п»їI Problems during Training:

Today here we all go to the problems. I believe in everything all of us do there is a problem the same as in our teaching. I had experienced a lot of problems within my stay. Some of them are university related and a few are firm related. At this point let's from school related problems. Within my training, there are lots of school related problems encountered. Because Centerline Engineering is operating for many years now, probably the most important writing in the machine like modes, coolant swap, light move, etc . had been erased much like in TUP. That's the initial problem I had developed encountered during my first equipment (one with the oldest inside the company). When im looking to put the control on the x-axis, I put it within the z-axis making it move sideways which impacts the settings on the maching. That is because in the said problem. Luckily the high quality assistant inspector position so that it is correct as it is, next college related trouble I found was disregarding of a trimming tool. Might be because of device fatigue, I actually break a lot of slicing tool within my stay the same as in school. Every tool there cost a large number of peso and it also affect the output in the firm. Like in our school, in case you break the tool tad you will grind another to continue your work and it also spent you some money to get another device blank. Period management issue is also an additional problem I had developed encountered both in school and the company. In school, we can just work towards the shop involve that much 7: 00 pm in addition to the company we only improve 8 several hours. We won't be able to do overtimes because we could not allowed to. So in the event the time comes, you will stop making things and machining parts, that's poor if you have quotas, but fortunately, SI trainees don't have sampling to be done each day it is therefore ok for us to do as much as we can or as least as we can. Another trouble I skilled is the listening problem. You might think it's not much of a problem because you can focus for the preson chatting. But in the factory, its...



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