Vacation spot SWOT Evaluation

п»ї1. Destination SWOT Analysis:





1 . Climate: Rio de Janeiro has a exotic climate that features high temperatures and many of sun-drenched weather all year round. 2 . Tourism Attractions: City has many travel and leisure attractions which include mountains, shorelines, gardens, plug-ins, historical typical monuments, museums, church buildings, restaurants. a few. Venue: Rio has the most complete and modern day Convention Middle for hosting different types of occasions 4. Rj is a famous city worldwide

1 . The challenge of secureness in the metropolis because of presence of lawbreaker areas. installment payments on your Long time of flight via all over the world other than South America Options


1 . Hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympics to Rio de Janeiro brings substantial expenditure into the metropolis and that will help to make it more attractive

1 . Growing of the avenue crime against tourists inside the most attractive areas of the city such as the most well-known beaches. installment payments on your Overall not stable scenario in the metropolis.

2 .

I recommend to hold a worldwide Conference of New Trends and Technologies in the Hospitality Market. I think that Rio de Janeiro is a perfect place with this event. To begin with because of nice climate all the year around, I use possibility to arrange this conference in any month of the 12 months. Since this Worldwide Conference, a large number of people should come from countries where they may have cold winter. Because of this stage It is better to hold this event in December, January or March. Many persons will be very happy to change chilly climate pertaining to warm. Average temperature in December, January and February in Rio de Janeiro is usually 27 МЉC and see temp 26 МЉМЉC. This component plays significant role of bringing this event into this kind of city since during leisure time before and after Meeting people will certainly spend time upon beautiful beach locations of Rj. Rio de Janeiro includes a perfect location for keeping this...



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