Effective communicator and have a great ability to stay calm actually in stress filled or unexpected circumstances. Sympathetic, caring attitude supportive of the people who could possibly be unwell, confused or disappointed. Confident team player, thriving upon challenge and with a great. Adaptable, versatile and willing to understand as well as trustworthy, honest, trusted and looking forward to being element of a group that ensures best possible care of laboratries and experiments.

Specialist experiences

Searching for my initial job.


January 2011 – 12 , 2013

ETEC Parque Onomastica Antônio – High School, São Paulo, Pais e do mundo January 2000 – Dec 2010

Colégio Garófalo Galli – Elementary School, São Paulo, Brasil

Additional courses

2012 July – 2013 January

Chemestry tecnical course -- ETEC Verde Belém


Cultura Inglesa (Tatuapé Unity):

English (FCE level – B2; Mainstream Advanced Study course 1- Coursing) – 2 times a week (Mondays and Wednesdays)

Cover Letter

Doctor Members in the Selection Committee:

This semester I will be completing my high school at ETEC Parque Santo Antônio in São Paulo, Brasil with an predicted degree in subjects. Through my english course educator I discovered Oxford Scholarship, after see the annonces about, My spouse and i am extremely excited to mail you my app, resume, records, references and personal statement to get consideration intended for the Accomplishment Travel Scholarship grant, seeing that the time it will happen will be great. The Achievements Travel Scholarship or grant is a great meet to my interests and personal background, since I am na energetic person, who would like to learn and know how to handle difficult and challenging situations, however , I see this while an excellent chance to enrich my personal knowleges, along with my personal experience. I would meet the opportunity for any personal interview with the variety committee. I will call your office next week to confirm that my own materials were received and to see if there is any additional...



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