Critical Contact lens Essay on the quote "All literature reveals us the potency of emotion, It truly is emotion, not reason, that motivates personas in literature. " By simply Duff Brenna with two examples by books.

This quote by Duff Brenna, " Almost all literature reveals us the potency of emotion, It really is emotion, certainly not reason, that motivates personas in literature. " To my opinion means that it is emotion that affects characters in materials not purpose or believed. I Agree with this statement because a large number of stories heroes do what they feel is correct not what is logically proper.

In the tale Romeo and Juliet by simply, William Shakespeare this kind of statement is definitely proven correct. The heroes Romeo and Juliet fall in love and marry nevertheless they didn't think what could happen. They stored doing what they were carrying out because that they thought they'd found love. Did not think of the consequences. The theme in the story is love, which in turn drives the storyline. If Romeo or Juliet had contemplated what they had been doing the book may have been distinct they would not need died for every other's love.

Also in the story Nighttime the main character is Elie Wiesel whom is also the writer. The son keeps enduring brutal treatment and going from camp to camp through harsh environments pertaining to the love of his father and so he could see his family again. Many people would not include survived but he still did due to his thoughts. Because of his fear of the Nazis fantastic fear of losing his dad he was able to survive. With out those feelings he would have zero chance.

All those are a few main reasons why I think the quote " All Literary works shows us the power of feelings, It is emotion, not explanation, that motivates characters in literature. " Is true. However the good thing probably there the characters keep going in contrary directions or perhaps other guidelines because that they feel that you to be the proper or may care what happens to them provided that they go because of this.



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