Capital t Nagar Circumstance Sudy


Including Street Hawkers into the downtown ecology- The situation of T. Nagar, Chennai Anand Raj Irene Baby R. C. Sudheesh Uttara Narayan Vishnu Prasad

The challenge

• Capital t. Nagar- pickle of vendors, pedestrians, cars • Street vendors perceived as primary cause of bottleneck • Policy interventions lack rendering

Who will be the Stakeholders?




Street Vendors



Street Distributors



Legal Rights

Lease Seeking


Why removing hawkers is usually NOT the perfect solution

Economic contribution

• Support the city poor • Invisible supply & promoting backbone

Hawkers' Complex

• Kanagarajan Committee Report, 2003

Natural Cctv surveillance Systems

• Enhances street safety (Jane Jacobs)

Temporary solution

• Mere shifting of issue

How to Style the Solution?


Feeder buses within just nonmotorised location

Declare T. Nagar a non-motorised zone

Enhance pedestrian mobility Determine potential industrial hubs throughout city to decongest Big t. Nagar

What policy concours could be built?

• Powerful licensing • Co-operation by City Law enforcement • Usage of health care

• Interdependence with other stakeholders • Interrelated financial systems of hawkers and the



Data needed




Survey, Mapping, Marketing and Demonstrating Credibility

BLD on hawkers in To. Nagar, syndication and denseness. CBA of recommendations

Hawkers, Corporation




Non-motorization, feeder buses, auto parking complexes, refuge for suppliers. Will be integrated in sub-phases

Pedestrians, Drivers, Hawkers, Firm

Interim costs, opportunity costs, time



Institutional reform: assemblage, licensing, area vending committees. Development of commercial zones

Hawkers, Corporation, City Police

A shortage of legal push

Food intended for Thought

• Land Supply • Price data • Traffic diversion

Another Globe is Possible


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