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The place I want to negotiate in Vijayawada, located in the Krishna Region of Andhra Pradesh. It is also third major after Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam. Vijayawada can be surrounded by water bodies on its 3 sides and a hill on the fourth side The location is located within the banks with the Krishna Lake which runs on their southern part while the Budameru River works on their north. The Bay of Bengal is placed on the east of Vijayawada and on the west may be the Indrakeeladri Huge batch. On the borders of the metropolis, to the western world lies the Kondapalli arrange forest, which supplies the city with lush green freshness. The term Vijayawada means ‘Land of Victory', which is named after the Goddess with the city Kanaka Durga, that is also known by the name of ‘Vijaya'. The town is also popular by the brand ‘Bezawada' which can be the old identity of the metropolis. The city of Vijayawada is one of the leading holiday destinations of the country and is famous for its juicy mangoes, numerous sweet delicacies and numerous fabulous springs. Today Vijayawada is a crucial trade and commerce middle of the condition of Andhra Pradesh. Some of the famous educational institutes in the state came up in the town. The city of Vijayawada is among the fastest growing cites of the world and has also been given nice of a Global City of the near future by Mckinsey Quaterly. Vijayawada has a lot of infrastructure. There are several religious sites such as the popular Kanka Durga temple, Mangalagiri which is among the oldest Vaishnavite temples of South India, Amravati which is famous for the Shiva forehead called Amareswara and Gunadala Matha Shrine or the St Mary's Church. The Mogalarajapuram caves, the Undavali caves, the Gandhi Stupa situated on Gandhi Hill, the Kondapalli Fort, Bhavani Island plus the Rajiv Gandhi Park are definitely really worth a visit. The Prakasham Barrage over the river has created a beautiful pond which can be an excellent place to check out....



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