A Case Study In Harley Davidson




Regarding Harley Davidson

 Founded in 1903 simply by William T Harley

and the Davidson brothers.

 Signifies the all-American attributes of style, freedom and passion for adventure.

 By simply 1960 Japanese people motor firms hit the country

 In 1969 AMF, a pastime equipment conglomerate

 By 1976 Harley-Davidson offered 4 models

 With the 1980s Harley-Davidson started out its revitalization program while using government support.

 Harley-Davidson Inc. acquired $1. 04 billion net gain (up almost eight. 7% via '05) this sold 349. 196 devices to merchants (21, several % abroad) and excellent domestic business of 49, 3% to get heavyweight motorcycles.

S. W. O. Big t Analysis

Talents &


Strong image

Brand loyalty

Good investment in research and Customization

The sole American manufacturer

Created Subculture


& Threats

Small Company

Certainly not the best Engines

American Business, so not really a very good image in foreign countries

Current markets becoming too narrow for higher profits

Increasing Immigration in US

Harley Davidson: a victim of unfair competitive

practices or perhaps its own lack of strategic eyesight?

 In the 60s and 70s Western technology bumped the world.  Harley Davidson should have recently been prepared to the entry of new products, reactions with solid advertising and campaigning.

 It should have developed better products and processes before the Japanese may come into the industry.

 Regardless of the lack of info to defend the Japanese against offering below costs (dumping), it looks like they were more successful in their procedures.  Consequently , Harley Davidson was not a victim of unfair competitive practices.

Harley Davidson: Truly does Size Matter?

 As being a small scale manufacturer can pose as a disadvantage to be more exact a problem when competing which has a producer that is able to make use of00 large scale overall economy.

 The Japanese were advertising their products worldwide, they can reduce their very own costs because of large scale creation.

 Consequently , size truly does matter!

Strategic Alternatives

 There are two main approaches

 Therefore at the end we have four approaches:

-Leading by simply costs within a wide aim

- Leading by costs in a narrow objective

- Leading by simply differentiation within a wide objective

- Leading by difference in a thin objective

 Until now they have been focusing within a market

 It is recommended pertaining to Harley Davidson to open its scope and increase their exporting work.

 They are often the American symbol in the united states, but must also focus the advertisements in Europe and Asia towards the freedom.




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